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From Classic to Contemporary Products:

Furniture, Boiserie, Walk-in closets and Kitchens

The Provasi company is known worldwide for its unique and inimitable luxury lifestyle. The creative flair, the constant search for innovative and high quality materials, the choice of new color combinations represent the common thread that has made the production a true Italian excellence since 1970. The attention to detail and the mastery of the art of carving and artisan inlay give unique and prestigious pieces of art. The lexicon of shapes, the range of colors and the combinations of woods and fabrics are enriched and renewed in compliance with the company's values: creating timeless but current objects. The production of tailor-made objects and their personalization have always been at the heart of the company's work.

Warehouse with wooden frames of sofas and armchairs

The history of Provasi is the path of its creations which have been able to evolve in step with the times. The classic soul of the Heritage collection is shaped by creating the stylistic vocabulary of the Signature collection, the true essence of the company, up to the More, in which contemporary design bursts into tradition, conferring true innovation while maintaining the singular character of the company unchanged.


The Heritage collection is the legacy, the history of a family tradition. Quality is a value, artisan experience is the true heritage to be cradled, preserved and enriched over time.


Eternal elegance and timeless refinement: the furnishings embody the harmony, symmetry, grandeur of past eras, creating environments that capture the spirit of classical civilisations.


A contemporary collection in line with the constant evolutions of society and lifestyles. It is the example of how artisan tradition can be shaped by new design trends.



Wooden boiserie with hand-carved details

Excellent, elegant, tailor-made. These are the traits that make these boiseries truly admired and sought after by customers all over the world.


Kitchen in white lacquered finish and light wood

The kitchen division of Provasi is aimed at those who see all areas of the home as an exclusive space, which considerably broadens the product range.


Hand carved walk-in closet in light wood

With the Walk-in Closet Project, Provasi has created a collection that are truly “limitless” – a project for storing that offers the utmost versatility for layouts and styles, with original ideas that will meet the varying needs of the world’s most demanding clientele.

Walk-in Closet

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