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The kitchen division of Provasi is aimed at those who see all areas of the home as an exclusive space, which considerably broadens the product range.


Provasi kitchens are the result of laborious research into ways of conceiving the kitchen area as a space for conviviality, together with its daily use. The kitchen has always been the stage of different functions. Therefore, it is important to design solutions that can guarantee the different use of this area.


Customization is one of the priorities in our concept: a specific requirement meets the creative skills of our designers. Creating something unique is no easy task, but we take the challenge and show our artisanal tradition up to the every little detail.


Moonlight is marked by the desire to surround ourselves with highly distinguished elements, with a unique and expressive value, as precious and inimitable as only an objet d’art can be. It is dedicated to those with a vision of home décor based on a passion for beauty with original allure and eternal modernity. The timeless elegance of Moonlight can satisfy all the many different situations that arise in our homes: a perfectly comfortable elegance.


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Since 1970 Provasi has been producing luxury, unique and prestigious furniture and upholstery, recognized throughout the world as true Italian excellence.

Excellent, elegant, tailor-made. These are the traits that make these boiseries truly admired and sought after by customers all over the world.

With the Walk-in Closet Project, Provasi has created a collection that are truly “limitless” – a project for storing that offers the utmost versatility for layouts and styles.

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