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The HERITAGE collection is the legacy, the history of a family tradition. Quality is a value, artisan experience is the true heritage to be cradled, preserved and enriched over time. The historical archive, original drawings, samples, special pieces, color tests are important resources for the reproduction of antique furniture and the creation of new stylish artefacts. The constant search for excellence, prestigious materials, exclusive workmanship are the basis, the starting point for company evolution and growth.


Provasi believes in its classic soul, it has its roots in its past, in the mastery of carvings and inlays, in the search for exclusive finishes, in the redundancy of fabrics. The furnishings are glamorous, the combinations of shades are new, the finishes are precious: details of refined elegance do not go unnoticed, creating the substrate of a stylistic refinement that pushes towards and up to the contemporary.


Some art pieces from

the Heritage collection.

The Heritage collection consists of over 169 items. Below you will find some.

Discover the entire Heritage collection.

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Luxury dining room with white boiserie, two bookcases, a hand carved table and blue dining chairs
Living corner with brown luxury sofa, armchair, coffee table and wooden boiserie with brass details
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