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Excellent, elegant, tailor-made.

These are the traits that make these boiseries truly admired and sought after by customers all over the world.


Provasi, an equivalent of excellence and handcraft knowledge, has always distinguished itself in terms of design and realization of prestigious made to measure furniture, like the fascinating boiseries.

The woods used are among the most noble and prestigious ones. They guarantee the company’s quality, just as the design, thanks to the care of each detail, line and carving, as well as the strenuous study and research of extremely important and innovative solutions. 

The French Boiserie

The French Boiserie is an artisan masterpiece recalling the majesty of the French period and Louis XVI style. The detailed precision is unbelievably refined: every line, flower, petal and leaf is carved with a method that is result of creativity, tradition and research. Nothing less than perfection. This is how our artisan designers became experts in the elegant art of woodcarving.

Discover other products

Since 1970 Provasi has been producing luxury, unique and prestigious furniture and upholstery, recognized throughout the world as true Italian excellence.

The kitchen division of Provasi is aimed at those who see all areas of the home as an exclusive space, which considerably broadens the product range.

With the Walk-in Closet Project, Provasi has created a collection that are truly “limitless” – a project for storing that offers the utmost versatility for layouts and styles.

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