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Living with brown sofa, two armchairs one coffee table, horse sculpture and two table lamps




MORE is the most recent collection, it is a stage of arrival, it is the example of how artisan tradition can be shaped by new design trends. The fusion of elements and shades allows you to create suggestive but comfortable environments. Contaminations of styles, unique combinations of shapes, lines, materials and textures become possible thanks to the mastery of artisanal experience. The result is a contemporary proposal in line with the constant evolutions of society and lifestyles.


The stylistic inspirations are just a model from which to start to create unusual, sometimes surreal, but extremely contemporary and innovative atmospheres. The desire for eclecticism, characteristic of Provasi, manifests itself through harmonious contrasts of fabrics, velvets, micro patterns, 50s-70s geometries capable of creating refined and elegant objects.


Some items from

the More collection.

The More collection consists of over 70 items. Below you will find some.

Discover the entire More collection, request the catalogue.

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Dining room composed by central table, blue chairs, bench, two bookcases and white French boiserie
Luxury bedroom with hand carved bed
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