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Since 1970 PROVASI has been a loyal company to your own craft model.

The freedom of creation, the constant research of materials and fabrics, the knowledge of precious woods and of the precious carving and inlay techniques, the transmission of the savoir-faire of the master craftsmen for generations, allow us to create unique furnishings of high value and quality long-lasting enough to forge a style recognized and appreciated all over the world.

Familiar, independent, eclectic, innovative, the company aims to keep the total production within the Brianza headquarters, in the Seregno company. The independent spirit guides Provasi at every stage of its development.

Bearer of artistic values ​​that have their roots in the craftsmanship of the products, the company stands out for its creative ferment and its ability to constantly innovate.

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Provasi office

Provasi indulges its particular vocation to create unique environments, conceives and implements turn-key projects supporting the best architectural studios in the world to give life to customers' dreams, accompanying them in the search for specific solutions, from the finishes of furniture and accessories, to the refined combinations of fabrics up to the creation of walk-in closets, kitchens, bathrooms and prestigious boiseries.


A highly personalized tailor-made experience that combines imagination with know-how, in which the project is carefully developed and cared for in all its phases, from the initial idea to the final execution, in the name of quality, style and excellence Made in Italy.

The headquarter in Seregno includes Design, Research, Style Offices and the production itself.
The factory develops on a 10.000 sqm surface, subject of an extension of both our showroom and the manufacturing site. This latter, covers a surface of 3.500 sqm, containing an improved polishing department and part of the carpentry, where artisan knowledge and cutting-edge design methods intertwine. With the widening of the exclusive 900sqm exhibition space, the Company wishes to show a segment of what Provasi and the brands More Provasi and Kitchen Line represent: the uniqueness of ambiances with the most prestigious creations, the most elegant silhouettes, the most precious fabrics and details.

Walking through the showroom, that can be visited by appointment only, it is possible to undertake a journey through the evolution of Provasi and its brands’ history, recognizing that taste in classic and contemporary furniture that has always identified our vision, living what defines the home of Provasi. In the last 20 years, Provasi range of products has evolved and transformed, chasing the changes of classic furniture taste in Italy and in the whole world.


An internationalization that has provided softer lines, lighter woods, directing itself towards a sober and good taste allure.

Besides the undisputed quality of the products, the Company stands out for the authenticity given to its creations, making sure that every piece comes with a warranty certificate proving the authentic origin of the product, thus protecting Provasi manufacturing heritage.

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