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SIGNATURE is a collection developed from iconic pieces. It was born from the love for research and the passion for technical and decorative experimentation. The language evokes the Art Deco style seen and reinterpreted; it is a creative story that draws on and celebrates the style of the early twentieth century but with the awareness of creating historical continuity with tradition without disappointing; the “signature” that distinguishes Provasi. Eternal elegance and timeless refinement: the furnishings embody the harmony, symmetry, grandeur of past eras, creating environments that capture the spirit of classical civilisations.


The aesthetic canons of ancient Greece and Rome are purified to restore simple, rational shapes, clear and defined volumes, clear textures and precious materials. The creations are the result of linear signs, mathematical schemes that define the outline. The fine line, which does not exist in nature and does not translate into the perception of truth, favors a sensorial perception of the object. The absolute clarity of the line and the refinement of materials expertly elaborated by master craftsmen provide iconic and very recognizable artefacts so much so that the inherent signature can be read.


Some items from

the Signature collection.

The Signature collection consists of over 270 items. Below you will find some.

Discover the entire Signature collection, request now the catalogue.

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Luxury bedroom in green with hand carved headboard in gold leaf finish
Living corner with brown luxury sofa, armchair, coffee table and big photo paint of a black face woman
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