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We Offer a Range of
Services to Meet Your Needs


Provasi offers complete solutions for every room in the house, from the design of spaces to the creation of custom-made furnishings: boiserie, kitchens, bathrooms, sofas, curtains, textile and decorative details are designed and installed in elegant environments in which to feel at home.


Provasi offers customized solutions for hotels, restaurants, boutiques and common areas while maintaining its identifying characteristics of stylistic research and high quality materials, creating luxurious, relaxing and welcoming atmospheres.


Provasi is structured to design luxury and prestige furnishing solutions, produce and install on site, thanks to a technical staff capable of managing even large projects such as presidential offices or government buildings. Every detail is carefully taken care of, from fine materials to exclusive finishes, to create work environments that reflect grandeur and importance.


Craftsmanship, project vision and customer needs are qualities that play a key role in the nautical sector. Provasi creates tailor-made projects, transforming desires into environments of great exclusive luxury.



We provide professional solutions to design your next projects

The Provasi team of interior designers, available to professionals and private individuals, will accompany you throughout the entire design process, with creative and innovative ideas for your spaces. The company makes its know-how available in collaborating with architects, interior designers and architectural studios, welcoming classic and neoclassical projects while always maintaining a customer-oriented approach.


In-Progress Projects


Projects Completed


Business Partnership

interior project with sample materials


Tailoring on Demand

A highly personalized tailor-made experience that combines imagination with know-how, in which the project is carefully developed and cared for in all its phases, from the initial idea to the final execution, in the name of quality, style and excellence Made in Italy.


Our creative team and Provasi's artisanal savoir-faire are at your disposal to create personalized and unique rooms, always in the name of your exclusive and personal taste. We will be happy to listen to your wishes and turn them into reality.

You speak, We listen


From the idea to the realization, from the development of the sketch to the choice of materials and creation of 3D rendering. Each step contains the know-how of our planners and interior designers, who combine experience and tradition with the most innovative solutions.

Concept Design


The Made in Italy manufacturing art. Each Provasi product arises from the hands of our artisan masters and is worked piece by piece thanks to the ancient cabinetry techniques from Brianza, conceiving excellence and quality. Each creation goes through a strict quality control, ensuring that all the fundamental requirements of the product, as well as the demands of the clients, are perfectly met in every detail.



From our company directly where you want. We take care of the entire logistic chain: package, transport, customs clearance process.



Provasi makes use of the collaboration of great professionals, who enable the perfect realization of the project and installation worldwide.

Onsite fittings


The satisfaction of the client remains the first aim of our philosophy even after the realization of the single product or project, providing the necessary support for every request.

Customer care


Collaborate with us

We collaborate with architectural and interior design firms, as well as retailers, across the globe. Together, we turn visions into reality, creating spaces that inspire and delight. Our network spans continents, allowing us to bring our expertise and luxury furnishings to discerning clients worldwide.

Selection of materials for interior design project
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