The knowledge of how to provide a quality product, lies in the awareness that aesthetic and functionality become an essential part of eclectic and customized projects:

research, study and dialogue with the client by our Technical and Style Office become the basic steps for turn-key projects. A path represented by ideas, planning, production and assistance.

Shop Drawings —

From idea to reality, from the development of the drawing to the selection of materials and ambiances. When the concept becomes achievable through proportions and measurements needed for the development of the project, result of the creativity of our designers.

3D Render —

Our team owns the most groundbreaking graphic programs: the design through renderings makes sure to provide the best visual and poignant rendition of the future project.

Concept & Interior Design —

Identify shapes and colors, fabrics and patterns in order to give a thorough perspective of how we see the final project.

Project Management —

Planning activities, from the production to the installation, the schedule and costs, monitoring all the processes involved in the creation of a project: the success of it depends on the attention to these steps.


Furniture Production —

Experience and tradition are at the basis of our philosophy. Our skilled artisans will follow every single request with a unique care for details that resemble the art of Made in Italy handcraft.

Quality Control —

In order to provide the best results as far as concerns quality and aesthetic, each creation goes through a strict quality control, ensuring that all the fundamental requirements of the product, as well as the demands of the client are perfectly met in every detail.

Installation and Assembly —

The last step before the project comes to life. Provasi makes use of the collaboration of great professionals, who enables the perfect realization of the project and installation worldwide.

Assistance and Customer care —

The satisfaction of the client remains the first aim of our philosophy even after the realization of the single product or project, providing the necessary support to every request.