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The Design Week-end, created and organized by Studio Coronel in partnership with the Municipality of Courmayeur and under the patronage of ADI - Association for Industrial Design and Fondazione Altagamma, focuses on the relationship between architects, designers, companies and industry experts to create, in the quiet and intimacy of the mountain, an authentic microcosm crowded with exhibitions, installations, debates and discussions on the design and architecture world.

The theme of the 2024 edition is “Un passo avanti”: Being one step ahead requires an innovative and creative approach: it is the ability to see to see beyond what is evident, to imagine possibilities that others might overlook and to build the future instead of passively suffering it. It's what drives us every day companies and designers to raise the bar of content, materials and workmanship for improve and innovate the world we live in.

In this new setting, Provasi exhibits a special Wilson sofa for outdoor, creation which identity dialogues with the spaces that the mountains require and the typical spaces of the Alps. This shows that, in any context or place, the Provasi style always remains true to itself, its craftsmanship, its promise of refinement and comfort, durability and sustainability.

FEBRUARY 1st-4th, 2024

Provasi goes to Courmayeur

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