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The event, which was born from the tradition of Milanese design weeks, has become in recent years an important event to reflect on the culture of the project. Many of the most popular mati Design studios take part, bringing their contribution and their point of view seen in a debate, which from architecture becomes more general. Winner of a Ministry of Tourism, the Design Week-end format represents a precious gem in the mare magnum of events dedicated to design: “the attention to content, the choice of themes

current as a starting point for debates and the involvement of important stake holders have made this event is a high-profile summit that is being looked at with growing interest" the comment by Paola Silva Coronel, creator and art director of the event. Design Weekend is first of all an opportunity to build new relationships, through projects and ideas to share. Teamwork is in the DNA of every designer and many of the companies that choose this event support, with their products and their know-how, these creative partnerships.

The theme of this first edition in Ostuni, Puglia, is "singularity of space": The idea that spaces must be neutral and hybrid to be used in different ways seems to be an outdated concept today. The hospitality and hidden beauty, to be sought and discovered within the farms and in the white alleys, is the "singularity of space" that has made Ostuni and the Itria Valley in general, one of the most sought after tourist contexts on a global level. Italian, European and global. The culture of landscape, cuisine and certainly also architecture and design, often artisanal, can be discovered by those with culture who want to find them. And it is precisely around this idea of ​​beauty to be discovered that some of the main installations of Ostuni Design Week-end are placed.

In this edition, Provasi exhibits the Charlie armchair, covered in white fabrics like the city that hosts it.

OSTUNI, JUNE 6 - 9, 2024

Provasi @ Design Weekend

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