The classic style changes and becomes the essence of a contemporary collection.

We daily perceive around us many elements that influence our way of thinking and how we exist as human beings. Nowadays, the classic style changes and becomes the essence of a contemporary collection illustrated in shapes, fabrics and in the most prestigious and elaborated decorations. Experience and traditions, always at the grounds of our concept, evolve and join the past ones, gathering the best of each.

Living the Classic Soul

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Unique and alluring ambiances are the mark of our experience. Starting from the raw material, real art pieces come to life. The ability of cabinet-makers and carvers create an essential part of our furniture: the boiserie, made of exquisite wood, is carefully worked in order to create a frame that enhances likewise precious pieces of furniture inside the room. A balance of elements and sensations that catch the eye and lead it in Provasi reality.



In our concept, this is the right term to explain the first sensation in front of  Provasi creations. Twines of intense colors and shapes that go from the softest to the most geometrical ones of the sofa, to the clean lines of the black boiserie. The Cigar Room becomes a place for conviviality, thought for the privacy of the businessman. The mind is invited to gaze the flowing of elements.


The energy and passion marking our history, unravel thanks to colors, shapes and carvings. An icon such as the Dalì bed, with its structured lines connected  to a more windy shapes, disclose the experience and competence of our designers’ team. The ultimate tradition, not impaired by the flowing of time.