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luxury ling room withtwo yellow sofas

A Journey throught Classic Interiors

It's the home of an educated traveler, a lover of beauty and design, whose gaze on the world finds its expression in kaleidoscopic aspects of shapes, fashion inspired textiles and unexpected patterns.

White bed headboard with gold frame

About Art & Design

The House of Provasi is an ensemble of elements connected by a fil-rouge of tradition and elegance, the same characteristics that an art collector reflects in the pieces of art he owns. 

Living room with two banana trees and tropical fruits

Living the Classic Soul

The classic style changes and becomes the essence of a contemporary collection illustrated in shapes, fabrics and in the most prestigious and elaborated decorations. 

Black and white bed with pouf and black chest of drawers

Children & Kids

Provasi introduced Children & Kids: a line designed for children from 0 to 12 years. 

Light blue living room with sofa, two armchairs and coffee table

Artisans Designers

Artisan Designers communicates again the attention to details, with a blend of classic and contemporary classic style. Deep passion for design and the influence of tradition as the bond between past and present.

Yellow dining room with luxury table and armchairs

A Taste of

Italian Interiors

The classic taste reinvents itself, giving space to Art Déco inspirations.

Gold sofa

Staging Glamorous


Creating sophisticated ambiances in order to portray atmospheres as if they were works of art, becomes the leitmotif of Provasi Collections. 

Handcarved bed in gold leaf finish



The combinations of shades are various, thanks to unique patterns purposely created for Provasi that go with essences and refined finishes.

Dining room with black table and chairs

Classic Guide

These are reinterpretations of classics that reflect a particular design appeal, aimed at a refined taste, in perfect balance of features.

Luxury Orange sofa

Classic Design

A play of precious woods that interplay with details, fabrics and embroideries of refined elegance establish the mood of Provasi tradition that is reflected in this collection of great impact ambiances.


Research and innovation are prerogatives that are at the foundation of Provasi.

Eclectic and alluring ambiances proposals lead to a refined elegance thanks to the choice of high quality materials, as well as chromatic combinations of high impact: refined essences meet fabrics and leathers, finishes and materials, influencing each other. Personalization becomes, together with the timeless value, an essential element for the Company.

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