Connecting inspirations

The classic artisan mastery, living in the majestic French boiserie, encounters a play of ochres, browns and dusty pinks with ethno-chic fantasies. On one hand, materials and profiles take back to a refined living room with all the skilled carvings and inlays, bearers of Provasi tradition. On the other, folk stripes break the conventional schemes, both in the furniture and in the curtains, making a statement in the ability of blending totally opposite souls.

A privileged place, the home declares our own personality and feelings.

This time, Provasi concept is the home of an educated traveler, a lover of beauty and design, whose gaze on the world finds its expression in kaleidoscopic aspects of shapes, fashion inspired textiles and unexpected patterns. A sort of Nomadism coming out from genres and styles that create a new way of interpreting the classic furniture, now subject of a free, light and colored elegance of bohemian influences.

Let the journey begin.

A Journey throught Classic Interiors

Other Collections

A Delightful Dining Room

A dining room expressing the quality of design and grace, Provasi proposal mixes the elegance of a classic atmosphere, given the precious inlays and sought-after table setting, with an array of unconventional colors and patterns, just like in the living room.

A Gipsy flavour

The visual expression finds the ultimate resolution through a mix & match of gipsy fantasies that reign on the ambiance with geometries and new surprising embroideries, joining more damask patterns. A bold pink color enhances every line and sinuous shape, every trimming, showing contaminations that are carefully blended in a classic design.

A meeting between arts 

Art, in every form, is a real food for thought when it comes to design and furniture. Roots and innovations mix together in an elegant design of materials and textures, of carvings and finishes, focusing on the impact of the entire mood and not just on the single product.

Kids who daydream

Through a revival of children’s imaginative world, the tree house has been an inspiration for creating the world of the little ones in a different point of view.