Harmony of Elements

Love for art goes beyond the single shape of an element. It runs to its deep meaning and to the use of certain materials and colors. Every single detail tells the story of something intimate, that the observer should grasp with an introspective eye. Through each curve and line, the pieces gathered wish to communicate their journey in the house of Provasi.

Collecting, from latin “colligere”, bind together.

The House of Provasi is an ensemble of elements connected by a fil-rouge of tradition and elegance, the same characteristics that an art collector reflects in the pieces of art he owns. The attraction towards different shades and particular styles, becomes a way of living, an experience to live and share.

An art collection, means a visual expression of an inner disposition, with the consequent personal and social references. In this way, begins that journey where Provasi puts its essence in a poignant ambiance made of noble and refined elements. Something we can call real art pieces.

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