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In the Provasi universe, classic design has always played with materials, shapes and fabrics to go beyond conventional schemes and broadens its horizons. Pure creative experimentation creates every single product that, overcoming the concepts of classic and modern, explores the different scenarios and imaginaries of living. 

Design becomes a breeding ground for creativity and a playful and unusual vision meets the company's heritage. Thus the elegance and savoir faire of Made in Italy finds a new global aesthetic. 

Quality and excellence-values intrinsic to Provasi philosophy and products-continue to distinguish the identity and scenic presence of each element, breaking it free from any unambiguous meaning so that it can live free in space, and in any interior design, according to the taste and sensibility of the customer.

The shapes and textures are designed to adapt to different combinations and configurations, in a mix of aesthetics and inspirations in the making. Thus the elements of the new collection, unveiled at Fuorisalone, reinvent classical inspiration embracing contemporaneity in a continuous interplay between tradition and innovation, quality and creativity, comfort and lifestyle. A mission pursued and consolidated over time through the dedication, attention and research of the company's in-house design team, the beating heart of an evolving path of style and thought.

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Alessandro Gessaga - Director

Federico Lombardi - Photo Director

Lorenzo Di Tria - Sound Designer

Michelangelo Carliez - 1ac

Jacopo Lamperti - Camera Machinist

Michele De Feudis - Electrician

Claudio Salvetti - Ass. Prod.


Mauro Casagrande 

Leonardo Cappelletti


Pioppo Tremulo

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