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Provasi at Fuori Salone.

The new vision of living: Untraditional & Everywhere

In the Provasi universe, classic design goes beyond conventional schemes and broadens its horizons to explore the different contexts and scenarios of modern living, from prestigious historical residences to the most eclectic and creative settings.

The new Provasi Urban Loft, set up exclusively for the Fuori Salone, is the full expression of an increasingly evolved and transversal lifestyle vision, of a Made in Italy with a global vocation, of an unconventional and unexpected approach in which tradition becomes Untraditional, and elegance is Everywhere. 

Quality and excellence – the intrinsic values of Provasi's philosophy and its products - continue to distinguish each piece's identity and scenic presence, freeing it from univocal meanings to live freely in any space and interior design project according to the customer's taste and sensitivity.

Shapes and textures are conceived to adapt to different combinations and configurations in an ever-changing mix of aesthetics and inspirations. The Provasi collections - Heritage, Signature and More - alternate and coexist harmoniously in the same systems as complementary yet extremely versatile elements. While locations and contexts change, the Provasi style always remains true to itself, its craftsmanship, its promise of refinement and comfort, durability and sustainability. A mission pursued and consolidated over time through the dedication, attention and research of the company's in-house design team, the beating heart of an evolving path of style and mindset that connects the classic and the contemporary, heritage and innovation, know-how and passion.

The Loft Urbano, in via Palermo in the Brera district, will also feature three photographic artworks taken exclusively for Provasi by Maurizio Galimberti.

JUNE 06 — 12 

The Urban Loft

Urban loft
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