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A Delightful

Dining Room


Luxury it is not only an aesthetic, but also a functional matter. A dining room expressing the quality of design and grace, Provasi proposal mixes the elegance of a classic atmosphere, given the precious inlays and sought-after table setting, with an array of unconventional colors and patterns, just like in the living room. It is a play of contrasts between the pure classic art and etno-chic fantasies and shades, made with the expertise and audacity of fifty years of know-how to call on. 

1804 dining armchair

A touch of eccentricity: 1804 dining armchair with black lacquered structure, upholstered in off white cotton velvet and precious jacquard. Available in different fabrics and finishings.

Suitable for any kind of ambiance: 1801 black lacquered cabinet with brass details.

An elegant brass and glass console is a piece that fits all trends

The 1703 dining table

shows the art of inlay, with its geometrical patterns in rosewood, ziricote and maple.

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