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Alessandro Massa appointed Provasi’s new CEO

The industrial plan for the re-launch of the historic furniture company has been presented. In September, the company will attend the “supersalone”, Salone del Mobile.Milano special event  

Provasi has appointed Alessandro Massa as the new CEO. The appointment is instrumental to the implementation of the Industrial Plan, which marks the beginning of the relaunch process of the historic “Made in Italy” furniture company, founded in 1970 in Brianza by the Provasi brothers, whose top priorities are restarting international markets growth and streamlining the production chain.  


Alessandro Massa is an experienced manager who has worked for leading Italian retailers for over 30 years and has extensive knowledge of the fast fashion, premium and luxury retail segments, together with proven expertise in international markets. He is a high added-value professional, who is able to blend Provasi’s history, heritage and production potential with a new managerial culture, in order to guide the company‘s shift from a family-run business to a modern organisation keeping up with new market challenges.

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"After 50 years in which the business was run by our family and given the changes underway in the sector, the investments made in recent years and the need for a modern, structured organisation, we unanimously decided, together with other shareholders, to embark on a new phase for the company, hiring a professional who could guide us on our renewal and relaunch path. We are delighted that Alessandro Massa’s name came up during our recruitment phase. Even though he has worked for major companies, he immediately showed his appreciation for our family’s entrepreneurial history", says Paolo Provasi, Sole Director of Provasi. 

“I am extremely pleased to be able to offer my managerial know-how to this prestigious company, which over the last 30 years has made such a significant contribution to the success of Italian style at an international level, furnishing some of the most magnificent residences in several cities throughout the world. The furniture sector is one of the most iconic for “Made in Italy” products, and Provasi’s design and production ability is a hallmark of excellence in the field. I would like to thank the Sole Director and the shareholders for placing their trust in me,”  comments Alessandro Massa, CEO of Provasi.

The 2026 Industrial Plan sets the ambitious target of doubling revenues compared to 2019.

Cash flow generated during the period will allow the company to pay off all debts under the agreement among creditors enabling the continuity of the business and generate substantial profits.

Levers for the company’s relaunch, as set out in the plan, will focus on corporate rationalisation, clear governance, internal reorganisation and the brand’s strategic repositioning, both through a comprehensive review of the collections, paying strong attention to customised products, and through partnerships with established sector-specific agencies in a digitalization view.


The commercial structure’s reorganisation will enable the company to achieve significant growth in the more traditionally receptive markets: the Russian-speaking area, the Middle East and China, as well as its development of new emerging markets: the Caucasus region, South-East Asia and India.

Internal resources’ enhancement and efficiency will allow the optimisation of production capacity and the reduction of external processing.


Building on this new momentum, Provasi will also attend the “supersalone” del Mobile scheduled to begin in Milan on September 5th. Its presence will not go unnoticed and it will be the perfect expression of the great contamination between art and artisanship that has always been in Provasi’s DNA.

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